The experience gained in the last 25 years through more than 1,100 thousand Projects, it allows us to offer our clients innovative ideas, and the implementation of the best and most modern technological solutions, always adapted to the needs of our customers.

Comprehensive services: previous studies, feasibility analysis, procedures, grants, administration, licensing, project management, technical solutions compatible with the environment.

PROCONSA within its comprehensive service, offering services such as the processing of grants, at all levels of the Administration, and processing of licenses, registrations and "Project Management".

Also PROCONSA is able to offer technical solutions viable and compatible with the environment for the treatment and reduction of sludge generated in all kinds of industries: purification of effluents produced, water treatment, etc.

Within the different sectors of engineering, PROCONSA has a great experience, supported by many projects, adapted in each case to the demand of our customers. Our work begins with conducting a thorough preliminary study to analyze the needs of each client and project feasibility analysis. Then it proceeds to the development of various design alternatives in order to achieve optimal operation and functionality as well as their adaptation to future expansion and diversification of processed products, always adapted to the client's financial plan. The next step is the preparation of the Technical Project Implementation of Investment Projects for execution.